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What’s good youtube, it’s your boy! doyle! back with another video, today’s video, i’m giving away some free sauce um. I know the video title is kind of like crazy, like trading indices is more easier to trade than forex pairs. But let me explain because once i break this down and show you the little extra sauce that i’m about to try to give you all today, hopefully it can help you’re gonna understand why it’s kind of easy to to trade indices. Now what i’m about to show you today? i i apply it to nasdaq. You know i’m saying um yeah, so let me explain why i believe that indices are more easier to trade than currencies. Um. You gotta understand that currencies are not a trending condition, type of like pairs like they’re, not trending. Ever you might think they’re trading on a lower time frame, but a higher time frame than pricing in the range okay, they’re. Never just going to be constantly going up. Never it’s going to pull back. It’s going to be mirroring itself!

It’s not going to like 4-h market does not trend long.

It’s a little trend pullback, i don’t think for it. The forex market is ever trending. You know what i’m saying, because at the end of the day, if you look at the higher timer and look at the weekly look at the daily most of the time is in the range.

What do you think is trending or not most of times in the range, so um currencies are not um made to buy and hold now entities.

On the other hand, you can buy and hold easy because investors that’s what they do. Nasdaq dow jones, like you, know what i’m saying s p they buy and hold that so that is a bullish condition type of market okay. So all we could all we trying to do is catch an entry and hold that for multiple days and most of the time you’re gonna get high risk rewards?

So i’m saying this to say this: if we know that our indices that is constantly going up, then we should only be looking for buys now.

Don’t get me wrong some days it does drop, but when it dropped what’s coming next, a correction.

So when i see that say, nasdaq is dropping really hard! I’m i’m ready to buy now, because all i know is that they’re dropping low to get other investors in to buy low, that’s all i’ll be looking for, though!

Okay i can catch that by i mean i can catch that cell, i’m waiting for it to drop and start rejecting a level which i’m gonna show you today and then i’m gonna get into that position to buy and go to the next level? So um, i mainly buy indices. I would like i would never hold a sale, that’s stupid, but we already at an advantage, because this is a bullish market on currencies. No, it can be a bullish market one day and a bearish market.

The second day it could be choppiness.

You know what i’m saying we don’t know, and now i’m starting i’m starting to realize that a lot of people do like trading industries, because it’s really not that hard! If you got a bigger account, that’s the problem. People be trading indices with a small account? If your account is big you’re not going to really trip about it. I still stay far away from us 30, because, oh no, that’s a demon but other than that, like indices, are not that hard to trade!

Once you get the strategy, get your risk management order. Stop trading these little ass accounts, you could trade indices and you can catch way more moves faster and but what i’m going to show you you’re going to be catching over 100 pips for sure, but um yeah! So, let’s, let’s go in the charts and i’m going to show you um, where the banks look for it to make do major reversals! Now again, we know that indices are a bullish market?

So let me just show you this. I’m done talking. Let’s get on the charts! This is the entire euro. Um usd it dropped, went back up correct itself, so everything is getting corrected like this drop right here, correct itself? This is probably about to go up now. You know what i’m saying, but we don’t know, but i’m just trying to show you that on the bigger the macro scheme of things, forex pairs are not a buy and hold! You know, i’m saying swing traders.

I know y’all y’all not swinging that long. Okay, i’m gonna say that you’re not swinging for that long. Trust me because it’s going to be a lot of choppiness! Now, let’s get into the indices. Y’all know i like nas 100, so i’m just going to use nashville 100. For this example. Now look at s100.

You can’t tell me that this is not a bullish market? We have a few corrections. Don’t get me wrong. We got like a correction right here at this correction right here this correction right here, but overall, this market is bullish, look at euro and look at nice now, since we know that this market likes to go up, we should be participating in buys now? I know y’all ready to get for the um, the levels and stuff that i was going to talk about! So, let’s get into it. So the banks like to trade off of certain levels, like even numbers um- i guess i’m i don’t want to say quarter quarter points or what they call it quarter theories, because when i’m about to use is like a different type of um, increments. Okay. So if you start off as zero, zero zero you’re going to want to go in increments of 125 pips, okay, so let me go ahead and put that on the chart? 125 pips! i don’t even know what that is!

So i’m gonna go on the four hour and i’m gonna use this. I’m gonna drag it up to 124. I mean 125 pips right here. Oh, let me do that over right there! okay! now let me adjust that okay, i’m gonna just do a few few levels? This is gonna take forever! Oh, my goodness, okay 25!

, okay, i’m gonna just do roughly 750.

We got 25? I don’t got time to be doing all this oh damn day! So these numbers right here is very sensitive! Okay, they’re, very sensitive, so you’re gonna see moves okay, um! you can use these levels increments of 125 pips, okay, increments of 125 pips write that down whatever you want to do, but these are the levels that it likes to bounce from. So let’s put this into perspective? We know indices are bullish? Okay. We know that if we know that they are bullish, why not wait until it gets to one of these levels to buy or whatever strategy that you use mix that with these levels? okay, so it don’t have to be what i’m using, but i’m just saying like put these on your chart, so once it gets to this level and if you see a setup on that level, you should take that by you know, i’m saying like. Ah i’m mainly a buyer when it comes to nas 100 i like buying, because i know that long-term investors are buying. So let’s go to the 15-minute chart and i’m going to show you these rejections, okay, so august 3rd, you know i’m saying the market drops crazy, but where did it stop to the 875 level? okay, what did it do? reject went to the next level all right on friday, that was tuesday monday? what we get a bunch of rejections on that level, what they do go to the next level? okay, now, sometimes the level is going to be in the middle when the level we’re just sitting in the middle!

It’s not really um, like the candles are not really sitting above the level or sitting below it. Um! It’s not really much. You can do okay like like this right here. It’s just going like you know, i’m saying that the level is literally sitting in the middle? So if i sit in the middle, it’s just you know it’s not really going to do anything okay, but see like this this day! I knew that eventually was going to correct this up. So i, like these levels, is because once you see drops like this, you know that it got to stop at some level? It could have stopped right here or it could stop right here.

It went a little bit past the level, but it came back into that level.

So once it came back into that level, you should be looking for whatever strategy you use or something up in here to take it to that next level. You get what i’m saying so um, it’s not gonna like, like you see how it’s up up in here. Let me um erase some of this me erase some of this stuff, so i can show you that you can literally wait until it gets to that level and then just just trade off of it!

You know instead of uh, constantly trading every single day, because some of y’all probably be taking these sales and stuff.

I mean that’s cool?

Don’t get me wrong this! this move will make you have a little fomo like this drop right here will make you have some fomo, but i’m not tripping about that, because i want to catch. I want to catch it going back up with a guarantee going back up? We don’t know what what this was. This could be news. Anything we don’t know what that was. I caught this move! You know what i’m saying so if it’s on like this is a beautiful setup right here. This is beautiful. I’m loading up because it’s on uh, i’m just call this a bank level? Okay, i’m gonna call it a bank level if it’s on a bank level- and you see a setup happening, you get a reaction, i’m taking it to the next level, and we know the next level is 125 pips. You don’t need to catch. All of that? You can catch 70 of that and be good. You can lit listen, you can literally catch 80 pips a week and beasts profitable. You can be good! I don’t care what bro what the hello bro! i don’t know what the hell that was! Okay, let’s, let’s start this over, i don’t know what that was! But let let me say this: my microphone was just tripped.

I don’t know what would just happen, but let me say this: if you can catch one or two setups a week, because sometimes i’ll be trading twice a week three times a week, sometimes for i really i’m, i think i’m just doing three times a week, but if you can catch one to two good setups a week or or maybe you you lost on monday, and you want to catch a big move on thursday, which thursdays are on volume type days, you can get a great risk reward. Take it to the next level, which is 125 pips or you can go with a good, 75 80 and be done for the week? You don’t even need to keep trading! I think um, the most profitable traders, don’t trade every day, facts facts: they don’t trade every single day, man y’all be showing up every single day and y’all be getting up straight up? So if you can get a good rr starting at this level and take it to the next level, that’s an automatic 125 pips, but you don’t even need all of that.

You know what i’m saying so. Um these levels get respected, look again at the 750 level. You can find something up in here. You know what i’m saying what we got right here.

This is a rejection right here this up in here.

This is a rejection.

If you see that as they don’t want to get to this next level, what level it’s going to go to up here, that’s another 125, pips right there now look now nasdaq do have bearish days i mean that’s! 100 do have bearish days. Do i care about this? absolutely not! i don’t, and i don’t really trade fridays like that anymore, so i used to. But now i really don’t touch fridays, but i just want to say this: if you can catch it on the level, and you see your setup, it don’t have to be the setups that i use! But if you see your setup on these levels and it’s looking bullish, i would take it. You know i’m saying i will take it like you, gonna get like stuff like this. Yes, it’s gonna reject from it.

Sometimes, yes, it is. It is but this right here this is the entry right here? You can do something with this?

Take it to the next level and again sometimes it’s not going to go to that next level. It’s not! but if you get in right here, you move your stop-loss to break! Even none of this is guaranteed. Let’s not cap? None of this is guaranteed, but if you up a nice amount move that stop about to break even or if you may be like- if you want to do like this halfway to the next um bank level, with your stop-loss break, even something like that, but um yeah, these levels are very sensitive. So if you can mix that with whatever you use for the smart money traders, if you’re using like order blocks- or i don’t know for if y’all use an ema car, whatever you use man, if you can catch it and mo- and i feel like this works best at the beginning of the week, because if you can catch this at the beginning of the week like look at this, we got a bank level on a monday. If you want a bank level on a monday, you can potentially hold that to wednesday or thursday, so you can hold it from like. Say you something like this? let’s, let’s do like this! Let me put my box right here so right! There you get in for a buy somewhere up in here. Stop loss is down here. This is a monday and you can hold this bad boy all the way up into here or a little bit lower. That’s a one to seven! that’s literally a one to seven! if you, if you can be patient, be patient and wait for it to get to the level it’s like a breaking recess on these levels, but you gotta mix with other stuff. You can’t just strictly trade off these levels like i will not stir you wrong, you would just lose if you strictly trading off these levels? Look for your setup! okay, and if it’s on this level, this is extra confluence. You know i’m saying i was going to put this on the course, but i’m just like no, whatever i’m just going to bless everybody this whatever i don’t even care like whatever like here, go another one. This is the wednesday bouncing off that level!

This is the this is a tuesday. We you’re gonna want to catch these at the beginning of the week. So so look it did it twice. It literally did it twice! This is this. Is tuesday this is monday? You can. You can add on to your position, so say you got in somewhere over here. Just say you got in late. You got it right here?

You hold that to the next day you see an entry bouncing off of that you hold it to the next day? That’s 240 pips, like i mean 250, and you want to keep trading every day! No, no bro! you don’t have to do that and then what it do on wednesday did it again! So it’s one two three sauce bro, i’m sorry bro and then went to the next day and then always a thursday? So you could have held this entire from monday all the way to thursday and be done you need, and then you don’t have to do that. But if you want to you can, but i’m saying this um, that indices are better than forex press because you have a higher chance of being being able to swing and not getting stopped up! You know what i’m saying. Of course we can’t win all the trades? We cannot do that, i’m not going to say oh trade, us 30, spx, 500 and nasdaq, and i mean not on that side, but nice 100 and you’re going to win because you’re buying.

No, it’s not going to always be like that, but your chances is increased because the overall condition of that market is bullish, you’re, giving them sense! So um these levels, i’m gonna, say it again: increments of 125 start at zero, zero um yeah start at zero, zero and just count up! Uh 125 pips put your line on there. You know what i’m saying and go below too, because again, that’s not 100 will have corrections, but that’s the thing when it do drop. What are they doing? they’re getting the investors ready to get at that level? i mean get in at that level! You know what i’m saying so i hope this helped you man, um yeah, go kill it man. I use this only on nas 100, like i don’t even put this on us 30 or sps 500, but it still works!

You know what i’m saying but yeah. I know i trade, that’s 100 faithfully, but that’s alright, i’m i can’t even talk. That’s all. I got hope this helped you um yeah. So i got peace and love.

You! ?