Indices, Exponents & Powers

Okay, now i want to remind you, uh indices, there’s a whole bunch of different names that all talk about the same thing and they all kind of have their own advantages, the different names. Okay.

So let me introduce them to you, there’s indices right! This is plural. What’s the singular index index yeah exactly right, so the singular is index from which we get index notation. Okay, another word, which means exactly the same thing is exponents.

Now you like you, hardly ever hear that word though it’s it’s where we get the phrase expert another word exponential from it’s like? Ah, it’s growing exponentially. It has to do with these right. So it’s like exponential, that’s about when something is growing, super crazy, fast, right and also another word which we get from? That is elephant. You know how for adding right, it’s addition and for subtracting it’s subtraction and for dividing its its division and for multiplying it’s multiplication right, we’ll fought for indices its its exponentiation. It sounds like um.

It sounds like okay, expedition, exp and ti, a tion exponentiation like that rules of it does sound like one more word indices. Exponents same thing, one more with the neat saving its powers: okay, now power, i, let that to last, because when you see index notation okay, we often talk about the power and the corresponding power, which is the base. So, for example, so quick example right when you see – cute right, – cube get out another color right but number down the bottom, which is being multiplied over and over again.

Let’s actually write it out. It’s 2 times, 2 times, 2 right. The 2 is that base right? That’s the base there that nobody gets multiplied repeatedly and the number of times you do it. That’s the power yeah! that’s exactly right, so we would say: that’s 2 to the power of 3 on to the power 4 5 or whatever other number you’d like okay! So you can see! Each of these words has its own place? I could easily say, i’ll, look, there’s the index right or, if you like, you know to cube times, look there are indices or those are exponents or it’s all interchangeable language.

Okay, so that’s all i’m trying to get across! .