Now, let’s find the value of this [music] question: how do we find the value? okay, so pause the video and try and do it yourself? okay, let’s see what you’re going to get okay, so this is going to be 4 here: okay, minus, which is this minus here? okay, so, as you may see here, we have uh a base that has been raised to zero! So, as you may know, we have always said that any base raised to zero apart from zero itself, is equals to one and plus.

Okay, then the other side, here we have negative 2, squared negative 2 squared so negative 2 squared is the same as negative.

3 squared sorry, negative 3 squared is equals to negative 3 multiplied by negative 3.


So this is going to give us what this is going to give us positive, 9 all right, so here we’re going to get positive 9. So when you subtract 1 from 4 you’re going to get 3 plus 9, you get what 12? As your final answer, thank you?