Indices vs Currencies? – (Very Informative)

[music] [music], what’s going on, what’s going on guys, it’s your buddies, i’m going to be your way back again on my youtube channel. Obviously you’re coming back with massive video we’re coming back with, like you know, super insane things that are going to allow you to learn and grow massively in the market?

So on today’s topic we are going to be speaking about you know: um is trading. Our index is actually better than currencies?

That’s one of the questions that i get a lot because you know people have seen that i made a transition from trading currencies full time to trading indexes full time so um, even though you know i still look at some currencies such as your gbp jpy, but i focus a bit more on your usbs and netflix, so those are some of the transitions that we did so we’re speaking about that, but at first i want you guys to like subscribe! Obviously, that’s something you need to do and also honestly, i want you guys to see me just going to my mentors asking them and they’re not even expecting this they’re. Not even i want to see what their answer will be individually and then yeah we’ll just put it into places?

So let us now move on maintenance, maintenance. Mentors what’s happening what’s happening, i need your full attention remaining. Please come forward forward and open. Please come forward come here, okay, so i’m gonna, be i’m gonna, be asking them just one specific question, so it’s gonna be interesting to see what each one individually has to say about it man? So the question that i have for you guys is: is trading indexes actually better than trading currencies. What do you think about that? definitely it is better. It is better. Why do you say so because of indices i feel like they give us more opportunities to capitalize on than currencies currencies they tend to take longer to give us those opportunities! Perfect answer, perfect answer, perfect explanation? I like the fact that he sees it that way so tremaine. Can you please confirm it? is it the same thing that you’re seeing or what do you think about it? no, i definitely think indices are a lot better because of the increased volatility and your understanding of the times when those volatility um areas occur and as well as the poop count guys, you can make amazing profits using indices wow. You heard that you hate that, like i’m super excited, so for what i’ve got here like! Why didn’t i come with my loot back my new book, so i take downloads and stuff.

You know, because already what you guys are seeing something that you know i did see, but i’m excited with how you guys are presenting it to over thousands and hundreds of thousands of people that are watching these videos? So friends are my brother. What do you think about it? please give us information about the channels.

Tell us? What do you think? no, i think trading, and what are you doing? is business signal? okay, sorry, i just you know i just bashed up on him and he’s like busy sending a signal and stuff, but yeah tell us tell us. So what do you think? no, i think, indices are actually the best cause you can capitalize more rather than currencies are slow, so with indices. You can actually make quick money if you know your story, so it’s better than currencies because, like funny like i said, there’s more volatility in the market, more opportunities and you can actually know when to capitalize you go in and out and you sorted for the day.

Wow, that’s what you heard guys! So i’m going to ask one last question and i want one answer: it’s either yes or no, but yes, yes or no so offensive is reading. This is better is drinking? This is better, it’s the best, yes or no! yes! is it better? yes, obviously, is it better? definitely better, definitely better guys! okay come over to my office. Let me explain to you guys how better it is man, let’s move. Okay, so you guys did see me. You know my mental street is a busy day. You know one is sending signals? One is we speaking with members, but it’s busy just analyzing the markets, and i had to ask them guys. What do you guys think about? intenses is it better in like the way like yeah? it is better, obviously, like guys, like imagine, with only 100 points you can easily capitalize over a thousand pips, meaning that, like a move, that five minute chat can make just one small kindle stick that five minute chat can make you’ll be able to make a lot!

What they’re like over a hundred dollars using 0.

01 lot, sensors and normally you know that it has to take weeks or a lot of days for you to only make that much money using 0! 01 sizes name. So obviously it is better trading indexes? That’s why it’s more! it’s important guys to actually you know, allow yourself to grow at first. I was like you know what people are jumping too much into into their steak, and i don’t want to jump into? I don’t want to be a statistic of where people are being i’m also jumping there? I lost a lot of money not doing that, because, yes, it’s wrong to jump! It’s exactly international, but it’s nice to jump into indexes, so you get to understand them, so i jumped into nasdaq i jumped into your city, and i noticed that a lot of people are actually on nasdaq, not on your status. I was like wow. Okay! Let me learn this yesterday to this new market?

Let me see what actually is happening and there’s people that have been trading these things for years, that not about it and kept them as secrets!

You know and they’ve been making money for years, but we just discovered these things like what for me, it’s like what i’m going for my second year is like officially like a full year, because i started trading like what in the 19th december, so i’m going for my second year. I would say something similar to that so and just by jumping into it, i had to learn. Obviously i just see how it moves technicals of it, and i understood that it moves much more simpler and it’s much more easy to follow, because the top companies that are within that specific index, like you can, once you get, you understand that tesla’s shooting up or down? You already know that? Okay, no there’s a high chance of me buying or selling this market, and then you already know what you can already look into when looking at the technical side of it! So if you just come from like literally no knowledge, you uh personally just look up and you don’t know where to go it’s much more simpler? If you start off first with currencies understand what happens understand. What’s actually moving forward, understand all these different types of things and then that’s when you can move over to indices and only specific tests of indexes, because if you happen to move to all these indexes, then you’re going to be lost. Now, that’s just how it is. If you do all a lot of things at once, you’re going to end up being jeopardy tonight, which is not something you can master! One thing it’s going to be hard of you to actually master one thing: oh i really promise this year, but forgive me on that because i’m super excited guys. I have a lot of energy, i’m moving up and down here and even the camera. Lady she’s, like you, know, she’s following me: she’s, tired and all these things, but it’s just the energy that i have i’m excited guys and i just wanted to leave you guys with something that is available. So when you do get to share it, when you do get to sit down and think about it, you are able to see or understand no um. Yes, this is actually better. It doesn’t mean that there’s no money, they said. There’s a lot of money, decide there’s like what over trillions and trillions of dollars the side name, but even the city is still the same? Trillions of dollars are being made this idea and there’s actually a new market that you can i’m literally i’m out and saying new market because it’s been there, but it’s something that we recently discovered and we recently started mastering and like literally my three years. Two years of trading um with just me understanding. This is like what six months down the line. I was already way past, like you, know, um what i’ve been experiencing with currencies. You understand, so that’s how much the growth is!

So you just have to learn.

You just have to understand what it is. That’s why? even in the 3? 0, i made sure that, like we focus on giving the indexes module now, because we only focus on currencies, mastering guidance is one two three. Yes, that is the. We teach you a lot about that, but i also make sure that we actually come back and dive a bit more deeper into indices. So you understand everything that you need to know about indexes. That’s one thing that i’m excited about model 3, i mean not model 3 um, oh, like it’s going to be super available for more people or a lot of people that are out there just looking to get information on currencies on indices and just you know, being able to grow with mentors that are with them on a daily basis supporting them? You know helping them on certain questions, questions and answers all these amazing things guys? But let me not um, you know um spend a lot of time saying about this, because you know you know me. When i talk i get excited, i get. I speak too much and i speak for long and all those things. Let me just give you guys some time and make sure that you i’m giving you guys enough time to be able to go and learn. Obviously, if you’re not yet, you know, i’m a part in our public group telegram public group down there in the description box you’ll be able to get the link that will take it directly to our public group with over 35 000 members that are in the group now! So it’s super informative over 35 people believe that they can be in the channel. So it means that you know a lot of people do believe in the in the video that we share that so you can get there, and not only that?

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