Indices Analysis 2022 | NAS100/US100/NASDAQ

[music] uh, ladies and gentlemen, i greet you all and i hope everyone is doing well. Today’s video is gonna, be uh, highly different from other videos.

You guys have seen on the channel uh today we only gonna be doing that hundreds, i’m gonna, be going so deep into that hundred, whereby i’ll be really i’ll, be revealing, be revealing all the secrets that are there on nasa hundreds, and in that case we’re not gonna, be able to do the other uh two pairs that we normally do, because if i’m going to be diving deeper into 900, the video is going to be way too long for me to cover the other two indices that i normally have, which is usd and german dirty. So we’re going to be looking also into what happened on the nfp week, which is last week and also gonna, be looking into a lot of fundamental effects that have been taking place in the market. Since our last analysis, uh uh we’re going to be looking at all that and how did it affect our favorite indies, which is our nas hundred, so without wasting most of the time? let us just go deeper and go into nice hundred, so basically, as you can see, nasa hundred had a double top formation which led to us selling for almost the whole of 20 of 2022.

I would say that almost the whole of 2022, we have been selling nas hundreds? So let me show you what i mean when i say the whole of 2022 we’ve been selling last hundred, so the first week of the the first week of the year of the year started on the third of january, and you, as you can see from the third of january.

What happened is that we we were selling the second week of january? We we were consolidating quite for some time.

The third week of january we kept on selling the fourth week of january. We had a lot of consolidations as well!

We undecided whether are we buying or we’re selling uh, the fourth week of july of january, which was the final week of january. That’s why we had a lot of buys, but they were still not strong enough to engulf uh what to engulf the candle that we had a previous month. So that we can continue having what those strong parts as you can see, uh on the following month, uh, which was the month of february, that’s why we started having the cells the sec, the second week, also february, which was the 14th. We had salt the third week again. We had something that has also taken place before, where we try to now change the momentum and go for buys! However, the candle is still not strong enough to engulf the candle from the previous week. Hence we still continued on the 28th of february, which is the final week that we had with what with cells, which also now puts something into my mind. Right now! In my mind, i’m thinking if we have been failing to engulf the previous scandal for a longest time we’ve been failing to engulf the bears for the longest time. What would make us to engulf the bulls to engulf the best this time? so that’s the biggest question that i’m, having of which i still do not have an answer off, so we’re gonna find out as the time goes on top since i’m going to be analyzing this? So nicely for you to actually see so you remember that when we are in a in ascending a channel, we are having the series of the higher highs and the higher lows? However, when we are in a descending channel, we are having a series of the lower highs and the lower lows. So basically, that is the standard procedure of which i feel like each and every one of us and each and every individual on our youtube channel should always take into consideration, should always take in that note, every time when they are about to trade, whether our eat in the series of an ascending over in a series of a descending channel. That plays a very much role, and it really does help to cut a lot of your losses, because you’re gonna know when i’m entering on a descending channel looking for buying opportunities at the end of a day, i’m gonna blow my account, however, how you will know as well that when i’m in an ascending triangle in ascending channel- and i am ascending with it with my bias- there’s a high possibility for me to do what to win! That particular trade that i am taking so, ladies and gentlemen, let us try to i’m not analyze on a weekly time frame, though that was just me talking about talking about the things that you guys were supposed to look into.

So, as you can see here, as you can see here, let me try to highlight it for you.

This is this is the whole. This is 2021. This is 2022, so 2021 is this. The final week this is 2022. , of which we’ve been selling the whole 2022?

We’ve been selling nasa under the whole 2022 and i feel, like the methods, are still going to go worse, uh, looking at the fact that a lot of companies uh, i understand that this is uh, the top under companies of the united states of america.

However, they also have distributions all over the world which also or we’re looking at, what’s happening right now at ukraine and russia. We do know that all these top hundred companies they also do have some establishments on those countries. So, looking at that and looking at the fact that uh, the british pound and the euro are amongst the biggest currencies in the whole world, we can expect also this to actually affect our next hundred? We can expect that’s hundred to even drop even deeper.

The biggest drop on us under this drop didn’t even take place during the first lockdown of coronavirus. We never had this big drop. However, right now it looks like we are indeed going to go down down down down down down down down? As you can see, uh, i think yeah 2025! This was the the lockdown drop. This is the lockdown door. However, right now here we are having this drop, which is a little bit bigger than the one that we had before, and i’m still expecting us to drop even further down, because you remember people are talking about the world war, three of which i doubt it’s gonna happen, because i personally i’m not looking forward to fight i’m looking forward to trade, even if i have to trade under the submarine trying to escape my country, i’m still going to trade forex just to make more money to pay for the petrol of that submarine, i’m gonna be living with. So basically that is what’s happening at the time and moment. So, ladies and gentlemen, let us try to analyze this thing, uh right now, so on a daily time frame on a daily time frame.

As you can see, we have what is so beautiful right now, very beautiful setup. We have a very beautiful setup, we’re touching for all those times we’re touching for all those times. If a person could have established this, we have two confirmations. The first confirmation is that we we broke below had to come retest, and the other thing is that um we have a young double top formation in there, which makes it easy for us to see that wow brothers? We are here to sew and we are going to sell for the longest time and also uh for those of you who are who are practicing the skill of skating in they would have established that okay, fine! now it’s high time, we add more trades here, it’s high time! We add more trades here, they would have added their trades by looking just at that again, they would have been able to say right now, it’s high time, we add more trade and would have continued with the cells. So even now, i’m still saying once nasa once the market open takes place, just continue, selling and continue sending and sending and sending and selling continue selling until further down there. That is what you should uh do continue, selling until further down there. I think that is it so now, let’s just try to move on to a little bit of a smaller time frame. A little bit of a smaller time frame, um a little bit of a smaller time frame to try establish what i’m saying is right or wrong! So at this time and moment, as you can see, we have our beautiful diagonal resisting trend line. Let me try to change the color so that it’s going to be much more easier for you guys to see the vision and the mission of what i am doing or trying to accomplish so we’ve cloned it. There we have it! We are on a totally new structure, a totally brand new structure of which most of the people, since they have that mentality that 900 it’s a bullish market. They do not appreciate what we are currently having and what 900 is trying to establish at the time performance due to the economic news due to the fundamentals that are taking place all over the world? So, as you can see even now, you can literally also get another entry here! Let me try to change the color. I want you guys to know how i analyze? I look into all small uh small details and those small details. They play a major role into me, understanding the overall of what i’m going to be doing so here on the market open on the market, open, i’m gonna, i’m going to be expecting uh everyone to respect the small support here, the small support structure, i’m gonna be expecting everyone to respect it after it’s respected, i’m going to be seeing this beautiful head and shoulders pattern which gonna help me continue until i get down there. Gonna continue until i get down there! I don’t know if i’m speaking to someone right now, if someone is seeing the vision and the mission of what that almighty jaguar is doing here or you guys are just okay, perfect, then this is what i’m going to be looking for. So i’m trying to draw all these lines. I hope one day you guys also these lines! They just do not confuse you, but you guys get to also understand that when you analyze, you must take notes of all the little change it must be?

My enjoyment must be my enjoyment all the little change. It must be my enjoyment. So all the little changes in the market must be well established and well taken care of. So, as you can see here, this is what i’ll be looking for on the new week on another sunday, obviously young manipulations, then there, which you can see even here on these closed candles of hours, that i’ve just introduced! You can see that, yes, indeed, we can have that setup taking place um. I don’t know what this is so this is it! So i try to use different colors for you to see. Please don’t be confused, so nasa hundreds, 200 companies, uh 200 companies, that we are having on nas hundred play a major role on what on how the company moves! So every time there is competition, the fact that the other company under or in the top 100 is not doing.

Well, probably let me say the company, let me say facebook is not doing well, it doesn’t mean other companies are sleeping, it means other companies are working, but in when there is an overall direction that all companies are really not doing. Well, that’s where you’re gonna see a decline or but also due to different economic factors that might take place? No one has time to be on facebook on russia or ukraine. People are preparing time bombs, so obviously, not everyone’s gonna be using uh facebook ads it’s not even about uh? It’s not gonna, not everyone’s gonna be watching facebook ads gonna be checking out on what’s happening on as the as the normal day goes! So basically, that is what also leads to certain effects taking place on the market.

I see this. This is so beautiful.

I feel like i can just buy right now.

This is so beautiful? I don’t know if it’s confusing, but i’m try, i’m trying by all means to use different colors and try by all means to break it down for you to be able to establish what is it that is really taking place on this market on these markets? it’s a very beautiful market. We can see. Look at this um, like i told you, i’m just going to be diving deeper into nasa android, making sure that i highlight everything that i deem important for this week’s trade? As you can see, look at how smart these market creators are look at this uh.

Look at this. The the the trend line here was just so perfect trend line was just so perfect? We played around, we played around we already sold when we got to that part.

We sold before here here for a person who have who would have held from uh here, sold, made money and and and and when was those all holding towards the roof, probably read the news and saw that nasa that is going to be selling and still here they would have hold, and then now you can see all this money. You are now on negative you’re still holding, because you know that you have your stop-loss just above your entry, so you do not have any problem. Probably you put your stop-loss too tight? You put your stop-loss here, look at what will happen to the person they go into into profits. Again. They’re excited they’re, seeing the profit the market goes up and kicks them off on their stop-loss.

That’s why at first goat we always advise what we call a chart: stopper, not a stop-loss, a chat, stop by its way, your your your setup is individual, it’s invalidated! so, basically just stopper. You put your stop-loss where you basically know at this time and moment we never gonna, sell a game. So, for example, let me just make an example: if it happened that um from here we bought and came back to the test yeah and then we bought our stop. Loss was going. It is good.

Our stop loss is always was always going to be here on the previous on the previous resistance. On the previous lesson, that’s where our stop loss was gonna, be so in this case we’re gonna hit the stop, loss, come back to the test and then we’re gone. So we have what we call a chart: stopper a chat, stopper, it’s where our setup is invalidated, so there’s no way we’re gonna sell from there? There was no way we’re gonna sell something! So, in that case, we always run away from the manipulations of the market, and we always know that after that has taken place? I can i can. I can go out with the stop-loss, but still enter my trades or and enter my trades, the trades that i could have been on the right direction. So, basically, we always win whether we even lose so we win at any given time. So because we have what we call a chat, stop, we are not uh and putting put we do not put our stop loss where we see that [music].

We do not put our stop losses too close to the market.

We don’t put the stop losses too close to our entries.

We let our entries breathe, we let our entries breathe by putting it on the different on there on on the on the previous. What on the previous resistance? i don’t know if you guys understand what i’m saying, but i think you’re gonna understand as time goes on and as i’ve been explaining this for probably now three years since i’ve been part of this youtube channel so, gentlemen and the ladies nice hundred as you can see here, there is also something i’m looking at look at this um. This is an inverse head and shoulders pattern that took place.

I don’t know if it took place and it’s finished or it’s just playing around with the people before it actually gets to do the second uh um um. I don’t know whether it’s doing that on purpose or what’s really happening, i’m trying to establish whether are we going to be having a second arm or that second arm will never take place.

So that’s the biggest question i’m currently having, because at this time and moment i wouldn’t say, i’ve had an arm. So basically the structure here, let me just try to highlight it. Let me try to highlight it for you, i’m looking for a proper tool that i can use to highlight this. So this is the structure. This is the structure that i want nasa andre to give me, let me just clone it [music]. This is the structure that i want nasa hundreds to give me, but give me where yeah cause. I haven’t got it because, basically, in most of the cases we always say you enter in a neckline, so there we have a neckline.

Let me show you there! We have a neckline here is the neckline, but which entry was i supposed to have on the neckline, because on the neckline, the entry that i had was a cell. So how can i have this structure this structure here and not have it on the other side, because i did mathematics whatever you do? On the left hand side, you also do on the right hand side. So i don’t know what are we waiting for um? let me see here. I see this oh perfect guys. I found something i found something. Unfortunately, the structure that we had is not gonna take place here.

I feel like it’s gonna take place like this. It’s gonna take place like this yeah forex is exciting guys. You look at this. Look at these, ah guys, forex is nice. Look at this look at this we’ve retested! We are gone guys. We’re not gonna have that structure. However, the structure that yo this is so exciting. I’m this is so exciting? The structure that we had previously on the other side, the other arm?

This man is having his his hand on on the head and the other hand on his hip, so this man is having a head, a hand on the head and the other hand on his hip! So basically, this is the current structure that i’m looking at. Hence i said i’m looking for the market to continue selling, so we are indeed going to be continuing with the cells. Ah, this is so perfect!

This is so perfect! I’m so happy to see this and i’m gonna be expecting uh. Let me just write.

Let me just draw this guys in fx code we make the market to speak. We analyze it until it speaks. It stays tells us the fact that hey gentlemen, this is not what i was actually doing. This is what i want to be doing? So we make the market to talk, it must talk, it must talk to us say talk to us. Talk to us. My leader talk to us! So basically our stop-loss, i’m going to be putting my loss here.

My stop loss is gonna, be put here! So, as you can see, this is a whole double top formation, double top formation. From that double top formation um. I want to be [music] so accurate, so there is also here [music]. There was also a little bit of a resistance level?

There’s resistance resistance, a little bit of support. I don’t know what was happening here.

We came back?

We we resisted on that resistance level that we had previously and the scandal that took place there, the king that we had there? Let me show you the accounting that we had? There was a rejection. Can what does the rejection candle has to say guys we’re making the market to speak? it should speak whether it likes it or not. It should speak? Hey? I think, on this video i’ve revealed a lot yo?

I’ve revealed a lot, but it’s okay, for you guys. Anything is good? Anything is okay, so, as you can see, we had a a reversal candle and we failed to even engulf the previous candle? We also had another resistance?

I mean we also had another reversal candle another one here, so here i’m actually not looking for a can.

That can beat all these candles up, but i’m actually looking for a candle. That’s gonna continue moving down?

If it doesn’t, that will mean i’m retesting the structure again and then i’m going to be having results! So your stop loss uh! Let me just ensure that i put a stop loss on the right way. The stop loss that i’m going to be having it’s on 141, 000 and 26, and then the then we’re gonna be having what our entry point! My entry point i want to enter here want to enter at uh 13 000.

However, if i went up if i went up to play there next to my stop loss, i’m going to be entering directly here because they always like manipulations. If i do go up, i’m going to be entering at that point of 141 000, so that those are the key points? I i i i am having and then obviously my take profits might take profit points, gonna be here. The first one is gonna, be here. Second, one, obviously somewhere around here, yeah somewhere around here i want to end up the structure, so i want to end up with structure yo.

I see the a a a v channel. A lot of guys teach this on the internet! The a this is b, so there it is? Let me show you a lot of guys teach this um, it’s the a b c d channel abcd channel! So this this is the abcd. I don’t know if you can see it, but it’s the a b c d channel.

I see it so i i think also the structure must not really play with me, because i also want to have another abcd channel. So this is the a the b, the c i want my d to be here downloading. This is powerful guys!

This is powerful.

It’s a bit confusing now because i’m experienced and i’m just seeing all these things making sense in front of my eyes, and i don’t know for a person on the other side if they are understanding what i’m doing or just gonna be confusing you guys, but it’s technical analysis, and this is the advanced part of it. I don’t need i’m not even sure if this video, i should drop it on youtube or drop it somewhere else, because yay there’s a lot of content on this video and i’m so excited about it. I think you guys gonna enjoy it after so many years of you guys being loyal, efficient followers, you guys deserve advanced, like content, advanced content. That will show that’s why i i said i don’t want to be doing other other indices today. I just want to solely focus on this contract so that i reveal all the secrets that the market makers, the market creators are having of which you guys mostly do not see so guys. Now it’s confirmed that after when the market opens, i’m going to be expecting the price to go further? There so buys to go through the c point at c point, but not in cape town, but the c point today after i’ve reached the c point, i’m going to be going down to the d point it goes down on!

The d goes down on the d, so we’re gonna be going down to the d. It’s always good to go down to the d [applause] it we have to go down to the d. We have to go down to the d so from the d the rest will be is three, so my take profit on this hundred. My final take profit is the d which is roughly twelve thousand, so i don’t know, but i’m anticipating nasa andre is gonna reach the 12 000 spot. When i get to 12 000, because that’s where my d is, i’m gonna get to twelve thousand nasa hundred. We are indeed going to twelve thousand so and gentlemen. I hope you enjoyed the content of this video. It’s the omari job, where the omari jj, the trader from the village is the only coat! That is a jaguar! Please do not forget to like and subscribe on? This video and to also follow me on all my social media platforms. Please be careful of all the strength of all the the scammers that are all over the internet that are using our names. We do not you, we do not do uh account management. We also do not do um investments.

Then, gentlemen, thank you so much.

I hope you enjoyed this video as much as i did i’ll enjoy doing it for you! Thank you so much good, bye, [music].

You. .