How to use Past software to determine diversity indices by Ssekajja Samuel

Hello guys, i know you’re most worried how you’re going to analyze your data regarding diverse indices and mind you spss software is not going to help you to handle data regarding diverse indices, but you’re going to use the software we are calling past. So what does pass do so after opening your past? this is how it’s going to look so it’s having the raw attributes and serving the column attributes. So what we do, let me say you have inside sites are going to be in columns. You click column attributes. So it’s going to display something like this, so you can just simply type here in a let me say this is site! Let me say this is site a, and this is going to be our site number two. Let me say, site b, so like that. So after us doing this thing remember now, let me say i have two sites, only site a and b, and so these are, i can put the type of data here.

I can include that it is arduino can include that even this is this is also arduino, because i’m going to involve diverse indices of, let me say, wait, let’s use width, i can remove it. Then i can select raw attributes. So remember these are rows and these are columns this one’s running downloads. So here they are just bring a dot, and it’s telling me to type the name of of the row, so i’m going to type one with i’m having so here i’m having p grid. That’s one two?

I have make make weed three i’m having black jack black jack, so i can have very many. So let me use on a d3 for our learning, so i’m having only three weeks and they’re going to be valid within these two sides! So what i’m going to do so, let me say i was throwing my quadrants. So if i throw the quadrant inside a for pigweed- and i got let me say- i got 10 with inside b, i got seven then for many kwid in my quadrant i obtained only three make weeds. Then inside b i obtained 15 weights!

Then, when i come to blackjack for blackjack, i got 20 in my quadrant on the intransit, whatever then here. That means i have only two two of them, so let me see so now. I’m saying that in site a i’m having all these three widths and they are there also in site b but depending on the type of research on the type of study you can have whereby here you are having zero and here you having a certain number which is there! So what do i do to get the diversity indices? so what i do it is to select. So what i’m going to do? i’m going to select you select to highlight each and everything there where there are values, then you you go go up here where there is diversity, you click diversity? So it’s going to bring another dialog box which is having diverse indices. So you click the inversion c and it’s going to compute it then then, so i think here you can see we’re having simpson 1 minus d inside a and also having the shannon wayner index? It is also here so you select, which one you can use, which one will favor your study or your objectives so guys you can also copy. This. Is you click here and you can paste it in excel and you make more judgment or you can remove the irrelevant like removing the taxa s individual dominancy, so you can do each and everything so guys?

I think you’ve enjoyed the video you are. You can now get the diverse indices without manually computing them so feel free to subscribe to best science in reality. Thank you.

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