ADD MATHS | Form 4 Chapter 4: Indices, Surds & Logarithms (Indices Explanation) Part 1/2 -Live Class

[music], hello, hello, hello, guys, welcome or welcome back to my youtube channel. Okay, so supposingly d is actually a live class that i did last weekend? The problem is due to my clumsiness and forget to press the record button since the beginning. So that’s the reason this particular live class i only recorded like 75% of the class, so i actually a miss the intro pad. So that’s the reason i refill the intro part! So this is the part that actually purposely refill for this particular life class. So later on, you see i only changed clothes. You don’t feel i, so special, my sole surprise, because actually, actually, this is actually days after so yeah.

Let’s get started so this life, this particular life class i’ve, actually teaching for food chapter 4. It is a cert and logarithm okay.

So just stick with me! Definitely i cannot show you at the end of this particular video. You 100% hundred percent master in this master. It’s just not knowing it but master it. Okay, but i only cover in distance, because this chapter after all, is a very big chapter. I cannot cover everything in that two hours. Okay, what a half-hour suppose anita so tax that, because you it is there, it is just basic again- should be quite good because in distance you learn in pd free network! So let’s talk to some basic formula before i started.

Okay, so guys first one anything power, 0 will be 1. Don’t tell me, teach i, don’t know you don’t know you get pressed out later, like she thought was a row?

What i thought was 0 1 anything power 0 will be 1, okay, next one next one. You should know that whenever idea a fraction, you don’t like that at the bottom. What can you do? you can bring it up? if you bring it up, the power will become negative and i mean you need you to remember this or the formula worked way. You come from this become the right side! Won’t get from the right, become the left? Okay, as donna said, giving us some example. So, for example, if 1 over x power 7, you don’t like the x at the bottom, you can bring it up, then become power, negative 7. So, for example, 2 over a power 5, you don’t like the air, a bottom, you can, you know, become power, negative five! All things can actually change another way. For example, there would be tree y power, negative one! So this time you suddenly see a power negative, you don’t like the negative! How do you guys make the negative disappear based on the table here? negative actually come from the bottom. You just bring them back down.

Is anything can become power? positive back, remember! the tree will stay on top because after all, the power only for the. Why not for the tree, so the tree see our top and only the white go to the bottom? Okay. So this way you learn last time as well? So what else gets learn in indices in pt3 level, get learn this square root, so can anyone how each carrot can become what power 1 over i hope? you guys know, don’t let me square my dear i didn’t move the scary to get the side becomes k? Okay, i’m asking you scary, can write in what, for so scary, can read, become one over to scare out whatever to cute brunette one over tree skirt and one over n. These are basica, so i repeat square root always can write power 1 over 2, so it is cubed root. You guys can read power 1 over tree! It is square root. 10, you guys can read power 1 over 10, okay, i might this is something all we should know. Okay, what else you guess the last time just so learnt this a and bracket n you guys upper bracket! This n n will be revelation times, relation okay and what else you guys learn. You guys also learnt this? A at times am so guys when i’m in your a book them up, isolation gets, can combine a power together and become plus! This is provided easy at times what, if they are divided! So if they are divided combine together, the power become -, so guys nothing! fancy here. Everything here, you learn last time. Okay in pdf, fillable hope you guys still remember it so i, don’t think you’re very problem understanding. All this formula, because you learned last time and let’s give you example for you to understand what i volunteer today so in thesis i, know whatever you do in class. If you want it is so complicated, but trust me in this is no matter how complicated they are. Actually, a basic only got this three particular type and for you guys to start understanding these three type i want to teach you my slow for this chapter for me to teach my own student whenever i teach this chapter i always tell them these two particular golden group. First, you i call it same base to tell you how important they are already speak! Okay, same base, okay, next one to one i know you didn’t get it because i haven’t here yet, but once i started, you understand these two rules is so important again! So let me give you the first example. So i already say this chapter i should no matter how complicated they are, the basic only under this sheet: i’m, okay, so first one to power and times eight power, m plus 1/4 power, 2 and plus 2. Let’s, for example like that, ok, so guys, every single time you see this, how i know these are in business question because i don’t see law i, don’t seal up than they are in business! So, whenever they’re in distance, how do you guess that so, based on what i thought you just saw, the golden rule forever that from same base so guys i see to a 4. So can they become same base? i hope you say yes to it for all the under base. To don’t ask me to tell how you know guys it first off little i like to squared oh too cute, all right any check see whether whether you can get their number they want so 91 a it actually isn’t! It is too cute how i know i press calculator once you practice a few more times, definitely guesswork shristi and knowing whether they add the base to a pastry or stuff like that? So practice is the most important thing. So how about 4 4 kb come to sway.

Yeah i even put a bracket okay and write very, very slowly, okay, so guys now. Finally, all of them same place or at the base to can you see that so i done this? no so far after that they still got a bracket? So since they have a bracket, isn’t a show upper bracket and just i guess a little! What and and if you open bracket, isn’t it just become titration so i apply whatever you already know so i open bracket.

You should ties both of that! Don’t forget to times only what don’t forget the times, poop of them. Okay, she turns, and she- and she turns one tree same for the back: 1 2, x, 2, +, 4, +, 2, x, -, 4, okay, so 5 finally, me get all same base and normal bracket so often base no more bracket.

Is that the answer? obviously nona? oh well, give you a long one and then just stop long, one wow this! they give you a long one? Your answer should be a shock to the worker. I’m ida yo should simplify your answer! So how do i continue here? discussion quite easy because in between of the two of them same two right in between of the two is times divided and based on what ever formula you look just now, all the times divided easily can combine together correct. So based on what you learned just now the formula times combined together, isn’t it the power will be plus so times compare together, the combo will plus provider. The basic must be the same class or all the bottom say this i can combine up together and he’s a divine. So these are the formulas. Now these i combined together the power is what – so is!

It is minus 4m plus 4 correct, but the problem is i write this crap or all i hope. You tell me wrong why wrong, because whenever you – more than one thing, please remember to put bracket, don’t make me stick on all this very tight, pretty easy thing: ok, so guys i! let me write nicely for you guys, so the back one negative, positive, negative, negative, positive negative! isn’t it until here so i continue, coffee, i am f, +, 3, +, 4, +, 4, +, -4, n 0 or the end correct, 3, minus 4 is need negative, 1 whoa. Finally, from such a long one, it becomes such a shot. 1 media is this. My final answer: no usually i’ll store my answer in the simplest form and based on whatever you see now you know that power negative 1 can make a power. Then it disappeared. How do you guys make it disappear? you really learn it just now case yeah. You only learn 6 formula today, ok, and just this 6 particular formula, you can solve every questions of today. Ok, oh i’m, not in this size, ok, so power, negative 1 is an it based on what you learned just now, power negative actually gets them, bring it down. They become power. Positive back, so you bring it down. You’ll become power, positive 1, nothing to write on top right one. This is the answer right over to that other than cut super duper.

Easy, let’s check. Let’s show you the second time, so just not that one, ah is just the first time. Ok, let’s look at the second time, so the second type questions, for example, is something like this. Ok, so guys the moment you look at a second time. Ok! so again, what do you start? ok before i start out. Let me ask us one thing: can my tree times the two becomes 6 i! Hope you tell me: no, why not hello you guys learned before in lower fall? you should always remember this slogan or not power always come first! You should always sector the power of us!

You cannot do the power? Don’t tell me you open the bracket.

So if i cannot open a bracket, then what should i do cannot open them.

I do so, cannot open that! Then. What should you do? i repeat forever, stuck on same page correct, so these two, these two, these two but there’s a tree death threat. Can she become base to no tree? also, is the smallest number, it’s a prime number ready, my dear so couldn’t become, say, base i, don’t want to try. I cannot okay, but it’s fine, because i realize the majority of them is already same page correct and these questions okay, i, want to say even though they are same base?

You don’t tell me to chill, then you can combine them together like just now. I cannot why i cannot, because i hope you realize that even this is 2! This is 2. Can i combine these two power together? no, why? no, because in between is a plus so that come to the call group there come to the endless? Is that type 1 and type 2? the difference is just now. The type that you did ah is a times if i question an x device so easy, because x, divide i, got a formula: hey guys you that, but the problem is the one at issue! Now is a plus minus question so that so that times divide very easy, because i got formula for times d by class – very hard, because i don’t have a formula for class -, but i cannot create one by myself. So whenever there are class -, then how do you do it? oh i always teach my own student using the boss method, and this method is self greater, color, very, very, very lame story? Lanka just listen to me.

You can very day one but must stick with me! Okay, because i feel like i, make sense? Also, okay, by the way, it’s just a story. Okay, so don’t think it too. Personal is just a story. Okay, so got a divorce method. How do i use devos metella? okay. First i always tell my student lambic, it is the guy okay, okay, i always tell my student.

So whatever you see this okay, the class – is that he didn’t get okay, the bad guy. So eventually he’ll got tree house. Okay, now idea?

So whenever they got tree house, we were always that devos method. What is devos metella sia the formula from to person become one person.

Is he married from one person become two person reba’s our data then called divorce, so default method that is used to separate so easy i. Just using that the same formula i just want to speak that instead of combine them? okay, so guys how do i speed them? let’s look at the first house, so the first house can i speed it. No because you realize this house on top only one person, leaving that only one person then is he is single upon the poem idea, so he haven’t married yet who we gonna divorce with so just copy down, so the packet hunting! You forget, okay, just listen to me later on when i thought to do a you understand one stick with me guys.

You just need to understand that whatever i say now, just listen! okay, fifty percent understand it’s fine when later on, i would keep repeat: repeat: repeat: you will become pro later, okay, so guys in the second house! The second house is illegal to buzz in there correct. Can you see your plaque in between okay? let me stay really and she’s, not gonna, my girls. They want to be boss already, okay, so whenever they want to divorce, i wished i my student. They would divorce stage by stage so first they would separate a bit so i see alright to two types. First, one is wet in second, one is what – don’t ask me teacher how you know.

That’s because i use the formula, i didn’t cry myself, you know see. This is a right when you split that is only one -? You were right to eight, then the end you right in front the end? You right, then the back correct. So the end i right in front the two i read back in between the class and based on the formula here plus when you divorce a bit anissa time.

So isn’t it in between desperate times so i -, casey, i, just split it using the formula that i just taught you, okay after six formula? Next one how about this one i always tell my students, okay, the two is a house remedy!

So the tree is outside the house. So i wait till my student outside the house. Is he the pet so uh, the pet? it can be done.

It can be cat. It can be goldfish whatever you you have in your house now: okay as a pet, so that’s the trees that cat. So when you divorce? okay, so do your pet pet to have obviously nola right now, isn’t it a pet injustice still survive as one correct, so the pet just continue right there, so the backward i can really vasa i write a two two times because there’s two percent de amici is a – correct, so -.

Where am i right in front? how about one i write back some student with a right – one? obviously you can write minus one, but usually i’ll just follow the formula.

Okay, because i you see the formula here: yellow color whenever they are -, wherever they are – and do they put negative and here no, they just put n?

So that’s the reason one i just put one and that instead of writing the negative, the negative all right d, but in between so the negative, alright d phi d between? Can you see that so guys, i successfully try to separate it? okay powers come i student like that you submit it. You just submit a big next. You were so pretty a group stage by stage okay, so these are two ends due to it. So this to do you realize this cube inside of one bracket, our separate them inside individual bracket? okay, who is inside a closed bracket to power who is inside the second bracket 2 square and tuesday, is what for who asked me teacher how you do it get rid of that guys because uh, okay, green hello, because i do realize i read it that they are tight relation divide, this there are still times relation! Do you realize it’s the same thing? it’s just the way. I write it’s different! okay, so guys don’t don’t skip my step follow my step. Definitely just will understand from the start until the ending okay? So next one – tree, she has to write tree okay, because it’s a pet and then the deck i continue speed it who is inside the first room to power and quincy.

Is that a second room to correct wrong? why? why which part wrong? the two is wrong? Why? the two is wrong! guys i, hope you understand.

Just now. There are times you can copy down straight away, because i copied out show me they are still a translation correct. But this time you are on t 5d value, don’t tell me you just write two because them / -. You have i to the. Why should you write? you should write / -.

Can you see girl green card? oh and even our van is over my right! So isn’t it / – nothing on top right one. So do you realize i just try my best to speak them without any extra knowledge that you don’t understand, i just using whatever you learn last time from tree like mathematics, basic and i, using this six formula, correct so what i speed them and that now now? finally, you see all the individual i always tell my student, the to eddie’s of men.

So let me introduce you, this demand is the man is a woman. Is the pair? is the man this woman, so as any other individual, so that’s one one step or that individual now? finally, you find a chance to combine them? What is the chance to combine it? you know, after all, you’re in whatever how no matter how long they are. Okay, your aim is always try to shop in it correct. So, just not the first time, i’ll get straight as often it is how you show you shot on it. These are very hot because they are a like class -.

You cannot shot on it correct using popular, so there’s a reason.

Now you split it and now you finally find a chance to combine it and what is the chance to combine them? do you realize every single houses that you see now they have one similarity, which is what to add all of that also having the same type of men. Then what can you do that you can pull out that particular met, so i always know accident the one we call it factorization, so factorization means – all right, so the first house are inside if i pull out to air, what do i? let that one don’t tell me teacher nothing left, nothing left or so much right?

One now is it possible, like you, have a house and sunny the men go out from the house, and then the house was doing toe. Doesn’t matter, doesn’t make sense right? my dear so kind of this, the house is still there!

So, no matter what piece for one day you guys always comes because the end- oh right, one right, i, wanna, blast the gate overseas. To that then the second house, if i, tore the bed i left for – the house, if i pour the back, what i left there i still left a pet tree, i still like the woman one over to correct some sort of very funny want me to do put up last way: i don’t understand what they put bracket. Why were you suddenly put a plus? obviously they put back at you? superb a kilometer as long as i need salad, there’s a gate in between the parameter? So can you see there’s two tree houses correct, so that is a he left over and once you have this left over, you realize it becomes so easy now because are not all in size.

What number number is an again price calculator and calm, i told them together, whoa i, guess seven over to inside! Do you realize are using the boss method? how to split that after that i find out similarity effect, awry and isn’t it all? then? now still can’t gather together and once they are this long and now find media this short and finally there this shot you’re, almost there, my dear, but no certainty was fine answer here. You shouldn’t say answer here because can still convenient go on. How can you continue go on? my dear always remember, your answer must always be simplest form. Is this single song? not yet? why not? yet because i realized there’s something still similar.

Do you guys realize there’s a to hear there’s a two-year this both also base to write i, think both them can continue combine. So this 2 and this 7 is revelation are times when you do a fraction.

Our papa is always translation? Correct then bottom would be the right very relation. So when we are d by relation that is quite easy, because the vibe is something come with a formula. Can you see the one in yellow color so divided relation? actually, when i base to you our base to when we are devaluation, isn’t it our power will be minus? so this power is end, this power, nothing there come on one! So that’s the reason. Your power is end. My power is one and bogus antiviral ation. They become -7 alone death. This is how the answer no way. This is how you write the answer in simple software? You can combine! We must continue combine so their goal.

The second time.

Let’s look at a cut one super, even the 1 2 power, x equal to 7, so guys, i, repeat again up first type, a second time, i think all we can see that right then, at the time so thought i do see, pass – no does it has if i know, how do you guys do it? no matter what forever stuff from the same days correct base or why i talk to you so guys, i start on, say they slap 2 & 7? What, basically for all none? why none guys because i know is already the smallest number they can see! Ok, 777 under based, we can show the press operator 2 squared 4 top cube it hello already me 7, so i don’t think 7 is under days, – and actually 7 not under any base, because 7 is a number seven is that he owned a smile. So to answer is already smallest, so that i’d want to try to make em same base, but i can’t so since i can’t beat em same base, then how do i do this one, so i always promised one discount question? I, always call it really really really really really five times, so you can see i’ve a really powerful. It is really really really really really. Ok cannot become same base and not be funny to say that, but there is always how much, how i teach ok so when they’re really really really really really cannot become same base, then is under this type. Okay i do this type and you must master it because these for chapter, four i’m, not chapter five progression. Chapter six, linear law also cut this side, so you guys must master or this indices part.


So that’s when they really really really really really cannot become say base, then you know that you can i use afraid to count. Since you cannot use your brain to count your new sub equipment, why you can make a noose calculator, the calculator which particular button can help you knock so whatever they really really really really really cannot become, say this this time round, you guys we use lock. How do you guys at not let’s say at one wrestle one don’t tell me teacher, can i add more than one cannot guess, because i really taught you the basic one, two one slow good right, one, two one! so when you add on you must lefse at one right side!

One don’t tell me teacher! Can, unless i to right side to balance wall cannot i, never tell you balance or not!

It’s about must be last one rek’sai one!

Okay, i mean peter left side, one right side one. So you don’t tell me that you can i won you’re done here. No, it must be fair, so you must be less at one percent, one so i already edit it.

So, actually, when you add lot okay, it must have a base, so you can add lock tree top five. Actually any lot of basil’s okay, but this calculator, emoji putana, is actually based head. So don’t make my life easier? I just add base head okay, so that’s where the power can go if you guys already i’m doing revision now! So eventually you ready to learn this chapter. So hopefully you guys know that logarithm the power can bring in front! If you don’t know never mind, then now you know power always kept creating practice. Okay, so put a bracket. So now i think it’s time to press the equator so love to is what let’s press our press, not press to new to press a pen? okay for the calculator zero point: three: zero one: zero! seven, zero point: eight, four: five: five! so what is my x answer times? move they’re divided. So this answer yeah by zero point: three: zero one: zero got it two point: eight: zero: seven, six, seven rl i normally write my answer in four decimal places.

You based on your scooty choice, kitty scooty joanne, for significant figure. Then you start at four significant figures that i: can you see how buddy and so like that, so guys you get that steamer and solar? it’s a very normal thing whenever using not ten on your answer definitely should be decimal. If you guys are using block ten yeah your answer, you get a lot yeah your answer. You get a very pretty answer. That means most properly using a wrong method or a team idea and schoolteacher won’t give you the math, even though you get the correct answer, so don’t use the wrong method to get the answer? Okay, you only using lock tena when the answer is those decimal, then, is like you have no choice. That is the last choice. Only guess using octet so remember it can use the fun data like the first two method must use the first two method really really really really really cannot be upset! Based only use this particular last method. Okay, just like that i finish teaching, you saw how easy they are i do so? This chart only got six formula: okay only go this retail question. I repeat again: is ratana plus minus times divide really really really really cannot become same base. Okay, so times if i baby, you and just same base combine them together, pass – just use the gauss method? Really really really really cannot look up same base! Just add looked at okay, so if you are done flick to suppose any chef knows like okay, if you came to my class because it’s a free, semi, no i guess actually can download the notes from the website. Okay, so guys go to page one? Is this page page four, okay, page four question eight, so kasia, hey, let me write down, for you are twenty five power, x minus 5 power, three x minus 4 equals 0, stick with me and guys, because if you do that the book demo by just right on the cruise get eight ball. Okay doesn’t matter like as long as you got the hot blood everywhere you can learn and that’s okay, just you’re at the heart! Okay, so guys every questions today, i will repeat at least two to three times k?

So definitely you will master later on? Okay! so just stick with me: okay, so that’s plus the my cds no logarithms i know is indies question. So how do i stop for the sacrum same dates, correct before i start on same base, i remember: i only got tissue to loose, say this one -. What correct so now we i say base, but since i can’t make that one to one i bet on me, they want one before i start. Okay, so don’t have it enjoy is two to one: it’s not 2 to 1, because the right side is a zero to make my life easier. Isn’t it can move the negative five over you move the negative five over i really think this question becomes super easy now, because at least now they are one one correct. Now, let’s start from same base five at 35, can they make up same base? yes, i’m? The one five till i think each other, how you know best of little i’m ready? okay, so i spell you don’t oppress case or price question, five, so yeah! so next i, don’t like bread can’t open bracket! So guys already taught you just now: a and and open bracket is a mmm correct, so 2 times x to x is m equals 2/5 power, 3 x, minus 4, okay?

So if i can do here so until your help well continue on my dear whoa finally synthase finally one to one: isn’t it fulfil what i say so far, so guys bye now, i’ll also know bootcut i already say: ok, you never heard before guys! Remember, ok, don’t using cut because in my second term, exam when i’m for for that time? Last time, ok, so i lose a lot of mass, because i cut guys you don’t use cut because they actually didn’t disappear. You cut the missed it. They disappear, but actually they didn’t disappear day to day so you’re, not using cut you’re using a method called compare companies use your eyes to just look at it and come back. Ok, so whenever they say base, let’s say what i said: one you just compare it. So that means the power should be equivalent. Also, don’t ask me: did you how i know that power will be equivalent because in between ever equal equal means equal on area? so obviously they should be the save us all right! So now you guys know both the power should be the same and move around or we could get the answer. X mu, dead battery item of their – react to dollar 3 negative 1, because negative 4 i called negative? You go negative 3rd, the is any x, and so each component 2 for cara maria, so until here, i’m still answering myself and talking to myself throughout the whole way right because i do here is recorded version okay and start from question 9 onwards. It’s the life class position, the life class version i will talk to those people and okay, so they actually have my real class.

Look like so yeah till that see [music]. You. .